The Training Automation Center is the first Saudi center specialized in “practical” training on artificial intelligence systems, production lines, buildings, factories and electronic applications. It is a %100 Saudi company.

Our Courses

Industrial Automation Courses

We provide a wide range of certified industrial automation courses such as:
> Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
> Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
> User Interface Device (HMI)
> Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
> Verified frequency drives

Building Automation Systems Courses

We provide a wide range of BMS certified courses such as:
> PLCs in Building Automation
> SCADA in Building Automation
> HMI In Building Automation
> Firefighting Systems
> HVAC Systems

Arduino & Raspberry Pi

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Arduino for real time applications.
> Arduino for Professionals
> Basics of Arduino.
> Raspberry Pi for real time applications.
> Raspberry Pi for Professional.
> Basics of Raspberry Pi

Electrical Courses

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Sensors & Actuators.
> Field Instrumentation
> Classic Control
> Servo Motors
> much more.....

computer maintenance courses

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Basics and introduction to computers
> Computer hardware maintenance
> Upgrading the computer and components
> System recovery and antivirus protection

Business Courses

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Feasibility Study for Projects
> Developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
> Customer Journey & Process Engineering
> UX & UI Designing
> much more.....


We believe in researches and education which is the reason why we have a special research & training center on where we develop and innovate our own technology


Automation PUZZLE was selected by Riyadh Chamber of Commerce to share its experience in the importance of AI and Industrial Automation to Business Owners in a conference lasted for 5 hours with viewers from all the GCC.

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What do industrial automation courses contain?

Fourth Industrial Revolution
 What do you know about the future of automated control and the four industrial revolutions ?
Course themes
1- The four industrial revolutions
2- Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
3- Programmable controllers and SCADA systems (PLC & SCADA)
4- Artificial intelligence in the automation revolution
5- The future of automation
6- Robots
7- The risk of jobs disappearing in the future after the fourth industrial revolution
  1. Electricity Basics
  2. PLC Configuration
  3. PLC Programming
  4. Address Type & Data Type
  5. Normal open & Normal close
  6. Set & Reset
  7. Timers
  8. Counters
  9. Comparison operations
  10. Math Function
  11. Move Function
  12. Analog
  13. Connection between PLC & Computer
  14. Download – Upload
  15. Practical Tasks
  1. SCADA configuration
  2. Connect SCADA to a PLC
  3. SCADA Screens Design
  4. Internal Tag
  5. Connecting SCADA Tags on PLC Program
  6. Using SCADA Appearance
  7. IO Field & Bar & slider
  8. Visibility
  9. Alarm & Trend
  10. Buttons & switches
  11. Graphics display
  12. Practicing on real time Mega Projects
  1. Configuration Connect HMI to a PLC HMI
  2. Screens Design Connecting HMI
  3. Tags on PLC Program Using HMI
  4. Appearance IO Field and Bar
  5.  Visibility Alarm
  6. Trend Graphics display
  7.  Practical Tasks

What do building automation systems courses contain?

Building Management Systems (BMS)
The Building Management System (BMS) is the system for controlling, operating and managing all activities of the building (or facility) centrally. It includes controlling and monitoring all electromechanical loads  (such as ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting, elevators), interconnection with low current systems such as surveillance cameras, acoustics, theft alarm system, access control system, and fire alarm system through one integrated system.
In this course, you will learn how to manage building systems using PLC SCADA HMI and some other devices related to building systems.
You will PRACTICALLY learn the following
  1. HVAC (Automation part Tasks)
  2. Firefighting system (Automation part Tasks)
  3. Lighting
  4. Elevators & Escalators
  5. Doors
  6. Car Parking
  7. Care of agriculture
  8. Water control System
  9. Others program
Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HAVC)
“HVAC” is an abbreviation for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, which is a particularly important branch of design for industrial buildings and offices such as skyscrapers, and in marine environments such as aquariums, where the temperature and humidity must be well controlled while avoiding the symptoms of discomfort caused by accommodation. In an air-conditioned environment.
In this course you will learn what are the HVAC systems and their types and the systems and devices used and the program upon which the HVAC parts are
distributed.  Then you will practically design a complete system via
  1.  PLC
  2.  HMI
  3.  SCADA
To be able to connect HVAC in each building to a unified central system
Course Prerequisites
  1. Strong background in PLC 
  2. Good background in SCADA 
  3. Good background in HMI 
Fire Fighting Systems
Fire Fighting Systems are systems designed to extinguish fire, in a facility or building in an automatic way.
ACTC is the leading educational provider of firefighting training courses throughout KSA. Our fire safety training courses will equip learners with the skills and knowledge required for different jobs in the fire safety industry automation. Basic fire safety is essential for protecting lives in your building and it is a requirement you know your workplace fire facts.
Improve the health and safety of your property/inhabitants with our health and safety training workplace fire safety training or fire safety automation training. It is important to be aware of fire safety issues particularly.
In this course, you will learn what fire extinguishing systems are and the types of systems and materials used and the program on the basis of which distribute fire extinguishing parts. Then you will practically design a complete system on
  1.  PLC
  2.  HMI
  3. SCADA
to be able to link firefighting systems in each building to a unified central system

What do Arduino & Raspberry Pi courses contain?

Arduino is an open source platform that is used to build electronic projects. The Arduino consists of a microcontroller, in addition to a programming part, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that runs on a computer, and is used to write and download code from the computer to the Arduino board. After this practical training, you will be able to build and transfer any technical idea into real project according to your knowledge in designing electronic circuits: 
  1.  Programming different motors and their industrial applications.
  2. Programming many types of sensors
  3. Analyzing, building algorithms of any projects.

What do electrical courses contain?

Classic Control
Classic Control: you will learn how to do control using simple techniques and electronics such as relays, motors, counters, etc. The course aims to establish a strong knowledge in simple techniques of control in case you have been asked in a project to do control system without using computers (No PLC, no advanced control systems).
  1. What are the main types of sensors.
  2.  What are the main types of actuators.
  3.  What are the common relays, timers, contactors, etc.
  4.  How to wire the sensors, actuators using no PLC but using relays and contactors

What do computer maintenance courses contain?

Basics and introduction on computers
  1. Windows system skills
  2. Computer software skills
  3. Skills of dealing with print orders
  4. Skills of dealing with computer menus and controls
  5. Identify the causes of system slowdowns, their problems and ways to solve them
  6. Learn how to perform regular equipment maintenance
  7. Ways to download, and install programs in the right ways that are virus-free
  8. Ways to choose safe and virus-free printer software and definitions for installation and install them in the right way
  9. How to install printer software manually
  10. Safe ways to de-identify printers
Computer hardware maintenance
  1. Basics and introduction to computer maintenance
  2. Learn about maintenance tools
  3. Identify the internal components of a desktop computer
  4. Identify all the factors that cause computer failure
  5. Learning how to maintain computer components in the right and proper way Learn how to search for faults in the right ways
Computers upgrade
  1. Learn about computers upgrade tools
  2. Identify the internal components of the computer that can be upgraded
  3. Learn about the benefits of upgrading a desktop computer
Format the computers and import the systems
  1. How to recover the system in the right way
  2. Learn the basics of initializing Windows 10-11
  3. Format work

على ماذا تحتوي دورات الأعمال؟

التخطيط الاستراتيجي
تعلم كيف تخطط لمشروعك باستخدام الاستراتيجيات
مقدم الدورة: عضو الهيئة السعودية للمهندسين والمؤسس والرئيس التنفيذي لشركة العالم الجديد المحدودة ومدير عام مركز التحكم الآلي للتدريب
ماذا سأتعلم؟
سوف نتعلم في هذه الدورة طريقة التخطيط الاستراتيجي للمشروع وذلك من خلال تعلم كيفية تطوير الرؤية والرسالة والقيم والاهداف والاستراتيجية والمبادرات
وبذلك دعنا نفكر بها على النحو التالي
ماهي المبادرات التي ما ان تحققت ستتحقق الاهداف
وماهي الاهداف التي ان تحققت ستتحقق القيم والرسالة اتي بدورها ستحقق رؤية المشروع
دورة دراسة الجدوى
**دورة عملية وتطبيقية **
مقدم الدورة: عضو الهيئة السعودية للمهندسين والمؤسس والرئيس التنفيذي لشركة العالم الجديد المحدودة ومدير عام مركز التحكم الآلي للتدريب
لمن هذه الدورة؟
إذا كنت تريد تأسيس مشروع، أو تطوير مشروعك، أو تعمل في مكان ما وتتطلع إلى تطويره: فإن هذه الدورة مصممة لك.
ماذا سأتعلم؟
تعد دراسة الجدوى من أهم أسباب نجاح المشاريع حيث تعطيك المؤشرات بالأرقام التي تحتاجها لمعرفة مدى نجاح مشروعك وذلك بدراسة الأمور التالية
دراسة السوق سواء المنافسين أو الإقبال على المنتجات التي تود بيعها
الدراسة الفنية للمشروع لمعرفة الأمور التي يجب تطبيقها لنجاح المشروع مثل الموقع, وعدد العمالة, والتقنيات المستخدمة وغيرها
الدراسة المالية للمشروع لمعرفة التكاليف وأيضا دراسة مرحلة الوصول إلى نقطة الوسط والتي تعني بأن المشروع بدأ الصرف على نفسه دون الحاجة إلى أموالك الشخصية
الدراسة الاقتصادية وتعني إعادة تقييم جميع ما هو أعلاه من أجل اتخاذ القرار النهائي
وأخيرا ستتعلم طريقة إستخدام ذكاء الأعمال للتأكد من البيانات
التدريب عملي وليس نظري
الاكسل في تحليل الأعمال والبيانات
تعريف بدورة الاكسل في تحليل البيانات والأعمال:
دورة عملية تسمح للمستخدم من استخراج معلومات مفيدة وأنماط متشابهة من بيانات هائلة وغير مفيدة بطرق سهلة وسريعة
المحتوى التدريبي لدورة الاكسل في تحليل الأعمال والبيانات
  1.  تعلم كيفية عمل تصفية وفرز للبيانات للحصول على نتائج تطابق معايير محددة
  2. استخدام التعبئة التلقائية بطرق متقدمة
  3.  كيفية إعطاء البيانات لون وشكل مميز بطريقة آلية بناء على قيمها
  4.  أداة التحليل السريع لتحليل البيانات بأنماط مختلفة بضغطة زر
  5.  طريقة استخدام دوال الاكسل الحسابية المتقدمة
  6.  استخدام دالتي VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP لعرض وجلب البيانات بطرق مختصرة وعملية
  7.  طريقة تلخيص البيانات في جداول بسيطة ومميزة باستخدام Pivot Table
  8.  استخدام الرسوم البيانية بشكل احترافي
  9.  طريقة تحليل سيناريوهات النتائج المختلقة باستخدام أداة What if Analysis
مخرجات الدورة
  1. عمل جدول ورسم بياني يلخص الآلاف من البيانات
  2. تحليل البيانات من خلال إعطاء كل خلية لون مميز حسب قيمتها
  3. إظهار البيانات ذات المعايير التي يختارها المستخدم واخفاء البيانات التي لا تطابق المعايير
  4. جلب البيانات تلقائياً من صفحات أخرى أو ملفات عمل أخرى
  5. استخدام الرسومات البيانية بشكل احترافي
  6. رؤية نتائج السيناريوهات المختلفة لحالات يقوم باختيارها المستخدم