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Who we are

Automatic Control Training Center (ACTC) was established in 2018, it is a sector of New World Limited Company . ACTC is the first Saudi center specialized in industrial training for companies, factories, technical institutions, and universities.

 We make a clear impression in the practical training field in terms of services and industrial automation. The training will be on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Building Management Systems (BMS), Embedded Systems, and Robotics; In addition, Business courses and programs through our professional Team. We are distinguished by a large capacity of expertise, competencies, modern technologies, and innovative solutions for practical training, the training is matching the work environment through the devices and systems used, and in a short period of time we were able to provide integrated services to our customers which enabled us to gain their trust.

We are very keen to be your first choice and our presence is always linked to successful training and high-quality business.

Our Vision

To be pioneers at the local and regional  leader  in automation training to graduate  certified and a qualified trainees in automation

Our Story

I am Eng. Mohammed Hijji, specialized in systems engineering and automatic control, My problem was that I was an employee in a company and I needed to work on several practical projects, unfortunately, there is no company that gives practical training. I had to travel a lot to learn. Today, I established the center and provides it with everything I wanted to learn so that you could learn it easily. And if you would like to develop yourself in this field, then God bless you. We are with you, we train and teach you

Our Mission

I am Eng. Mohamed Hajji, Specializing in systems engineering and automatic control. I was employed in one of the companies after my graduation, and I needed to complete several practical projects. But unfortunately, there were not any training centers providing practical training for learning, which made me travel to several countries.
Today, I established a training center specialized in practical training and accredited by international and local organizations and our trainers are professional.

Our Team

Eng. Mohammad Hiiji


Eng. Abdurahman

Development and Sales Director

Mr. Mohammad

Finance and Purchasing Department

Eng. Abdulaziz

Industrial trainer

Eng. Abdurahman

Electrical trainer

Eng. Fouad

Head of training

Ms. Norah

customer services

Eng. Alfattah

BMS trainer

Eng. Ahmad

Websites and apps development trainer

Eng. Saltan

Quality Specialist

Ms. Fatima

Head of designing and marketing

Ms. Shahad

Senior Marketing & Sales

Eng. Abdullah

Computer science trainer

Mr. Ahmad

Design Specialist

Mr. Ahmad

Benefits and Compensation Specialist

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