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Our Vision

To be a regional leader for industrial & non-industrial automation services in order to solve the automation puzzle for organizations and individuals

Our Story

I am Eng. Mohammed Hijji, specialized in systems engineering and automatic control, My problem was that I was an employee in a company and I needed to work on several practical projects, unfortunately, there is no company that gives practical training. I had to travel a lot to learn. Today, I established the center and provides it with everything I wanted to learn so that you could learn it easily. And if you would like to develop yourself in this field, then God bless you. We are with you, we train and teach you

Our Mission

Providing outstanding service in coordination with national and international bodies by enabling practical training to provide an excellent customer experience.

Our Team

Eng. Mohammed Hijji

Executive Director

Ms. Rawya Al-Hujaili

CEO Advisor

Eng. Abdurahman Aamir

Development and Sales Director

Eng. Fouad Akkad

Head of engineering department

Ms. Nada Al-Omari

HR Specialist

Eng. Abdulaziz Seif

Industrial engineering Instructor

Ms. Fatima Al-Mutairi

Head of design department

Eng. Yahya Alsadah

Artificial Intelligence Instructor

Eng. Alfath

BMS Instructor

Mr. Ahmed Salah

Design Specialist

Ms. Samar Al-Ali

IT Specialist

Eng. Abdullah Ibrahim

Computer Science Instructor

Eng. Salem Abbas

Web and App developer

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