Automation PUZZLE is a 100% Saudi Arabian Company established by Eng. Mohamed Hijji to provide professional, smart and cost effective solutions to the automation puzzle that many organizations and individuals face

Our Courses

Industrial Automation Courses

We provide a wide range of certified Industrial Automation courses Such as:
> Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
> Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
> Human Machine Interface (HMI)
> Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
> Verified Frequency Drives

Building Automation Systems Courses

We provide a wide range of BMS certified courses such as:
> PLCs in Building Automation
> SCADA in Building Automation
> HMI In Building Automation
> Firefighting Systems
> HVAC Systems

Arduino & Raspberry Pi

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Arduino for real time applications.
> Arduino for Professionals
> Basics of Arduino.
> Raspberry Pi for real time applications.
> Raspberry Pi for Professional.
> Basics of Raspberry Pi

Electrical Courses

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Sensors & Actuators.
> Field Instrumentation
> Classic Control
> Servo Motors
> much more.....

Business Courses

We provide a wide range of certified courses in:
> Feasibility Study for Projects
> Developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
> Customer Journey & Process Engineering
> UX & UI Designing
> much more.....


We believe in researches and education which is the reason why we have a special research & training center on where we develop and innovate our own technology


Automation PUZZLE was selected by Riyadh Chamber of Commerce to share its experience in the importance of AI and Industrial Automation to Business Owners in a conference lasted for 5 hours with viewers from all the GCC.

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Corona confirms the importance of artificial intelligence


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